Supreme Series


The Supreme Series–its elegance is only surpassed by its security. Sculpted classic lines, recessed door and radiused corners provide classic steel work second to none. The Supreme’s body is pressure formed from 3/16″ American-made carbon steel offering 16 times the steel strength of the lightweight imported safes. Its Double-Steel Door Casement™ quadruples the strength of its door opening. Its massive Triple-Step™ door offers real security. The door contains 1/2″ of steel, 3/8″ solid outer and full 10-gauge inner. The door provides 126 times the strength of the China-built safe doors. (see Steel Strength chart) The Supreme’s door features a radial gear-driven boltwork with unsurpassed smoothness and strength. It operates a four-way active boltwork with strong inner door components and bolt carriages. Door defense systems include: full inner door steel, Superior’s Glass Guard™ relocking system, mechanical relockers and Diamond-Embedded Armor Plate™. The Supreme’s heavy body and massive steel door with triple fire seals contribute to its 1865°, 110-minute fire rating which is unsurpassed in the industry. Its elegant interior is covered in rich velour and includes motion sensor LED lighting. The exclusive Bank Box™ storage system (Models 55 & 65) is ideal for precious metals, jewelry, rare coins and important documents. How much do you value the contents of your safe? If your contents represent a lifetime of irreplaceable items, please consider our Supreme Series.



*Depth includes 2.5″ for handle   **With Bank Box™ Storage Drawers